I’m blessed These last months and years, I am feeling that I’m blessed. I don’t just logically accept that it must be true– my emotions have united to the truth, and I FEEL that this is true. (Meaning, I don’t just accept it by faith, even though I feel the opposite.) These last few days, […]

on the other side of struggling with the value of my life

One thing I recently realized is that, with my focus on what life dreams I’m not fulfilling, I’m missing the wonder of the life dreams that are fulfilled, and that are being fulfilled. Really, it’s quite amazing. I’m a missionary in Ukraine. This was a huge, life-guiding dream. And it’s now my real life. And […]

Как организовать свою молитвенную жизнь!

Последние дни, Бог учит меня из этого стиха: “Помышления прилежного стремятся к изобилию”. На англиском, написано: “Планы прилежного стремятся к изобилию”. Помышления, планы … Я понимаю, на столько Бог хочет, чтобы я планировала, чтобы я думала на перед…. Поездка, покупка, школа, одежда, еда, домохозяйство … Если я думаю на перед, планирую, как правило, дела идут более […]

Ukrainian culture: Palm Sunday pussy willows

Today, the week before Easter Sunday, features Palm Sunday. Ukraine abounds with Ukrainian Orthodox traditions, of course. A few days before and on Palm Sunday, vendors sell small clusters of pussy willow branches. See them lying on the table near the red tulips? On Palm Sunday, you take your bundle of pussy willows to the Orthodox […]