mid-life, a loss of milestones

Earlier in life, milestones were everywhere. Each grade. Elementary school. Junior high. High school. Camps. Summers. School years. College. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. Graduation. Graduate school. First job. Engagement. Marriage. Children. And life now is kind of a blur of my children’s milestones. Forty was a milestone. Stopping breastfeeding (after 12 straight years) was a […]

middle-age, neither the beginning nor end is in sight

I’ve been thinking off and on about why I don’t blog so much any more. I think it’s because I’m done processing my births, my childrearing philosophy/principles, and honestly, I feel like a broken record talking about my midlife feelings, so I mostly keep that to myself. I’m in the long middle of my journey. […]

about controversial things

My mom is probably cringing. Honestly, I am cringing, a bit. Have you ever analyzed your own progression as a person with opinions? I think about this, I guess as I get older and make more defining life/parenting/schooling/health choices, how I hold those opinions begins to define me, maybe more than the opinions themselves. Weirdly. […]

worship: God, you’re worth it!

I love illustrating abstract words, making it into something concrete we can see and feel and do. It’s something I remember wrestling with in my teenage brain. What exactly IS righteousness? What IS justice? Now, in an adult brain and with so much more life experience to draw from, it’s easier to illustrate abstract words. Like “worship.” One […]

shto ya ponyala ot (duhovnoy) ditsipline grudnovo vskarmlivaniya

Моя квалификация, чтобы писать этот пост о грудном вскарливанием заключается в том, что я кормила и кормлю грудью уже больше двенадцать лет. Конечно, есть и другие мамы, у которых есть больше опыта по грудного вскармливания, поэтому они, вероятно, знают больше. Я также кормила грудью длительные периоды времени. Больше года, четыре года, больше три года, и […]

my life as a garden, the next big step

Things are happening in my heart that I need to analyze and record. (Just pass over this if your not into introspection.) There are moments of spiritual growth when God just brings together lots of influences to open certain things to me. And it usually starts after years of preparation– years of being bothered by […]