hospitality: a dream comes true…in morphed form

This village house we have … I used to lay awake an imagine making it into a paradise of luxury so that people couple rent it and come stay and enjoy village life for a while. I used to think about this a lot. …. Luxury. We’re talking, jacuzzi bathtub, a veil hanging from the […]

Ukrainian culture: Palm Sunday pussy willows

Today, the week before Easter Sunday, features Palm Sunday. Ukraine abounds with Ukrainian Orthodox traditions, of course. A few days before and on Palm Sunday, vendors sell small clusters of pussy willow branches. See them lying on the table near the red tulips? On Palm Sunday, you take your bundle of pussy willows to the Orthodox […]

hospitality journal 5 & Ukrainian culture: Kissel

My note for my hospitality journal today was that I put in effort to make 3 salads to take to the house of some friends today. Vitaliy marinated the shashlik, too. It was a nice afternoon and a great feast. They have always fed me well the years I’ve known them, and I spent a […]

Кен Робинсон и домашнее образование

Кен Робинсон говорит (и пишет) о важных, глобальных изменениями в системе образования. Очень полезно слушать его идеи и мысли, и примерить их в домашних условиях. Не ждите пока “они” что-то меняют. Изменении начинают с человеком … первым, вторим, третем … Подумайте, анализируйте– что здесь важно? Как это понять? Что мы можем сделать дома? Как применять […]


I feel exactly like I’ve molted. Molt: 1. to cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, that will be replaced by a new growth. 2. to cast or shed (feathers, skin, etc.) in the process of renewal. Today, in all this long process of analyzing my life, I feel like a new person is starting […]


For me, fundraising is definitely a journey. I’ve come into this with a lot of baggage. However, I also am thankful for this journey. It has given me rich experiences, especially as a missionary, which have taught me a lot. Fundraising has been a matter of prayer for years, and I’ve gone through periods of […]