trying to figure out Jesus, Social Justice, Suffering, Serving

I’m sure reams and reams have been written about this already, but I’m going through this process of exploration and discovery myself right now, and I’m not really ready to “read all the answers” in some book. I want God to give me answers through the process. I discover so many things in these processes, […]

designing our apartment

God’s blessed us with an apartment! It’s a two-story penthouse 😉 We’re the top floors of the building–floors 23-24. We joke that it’s a true sokol’s nest– “sokol,” our last name, means “falcon.” It’s a new building, which is wonderful, that it’s not the standard, soviet fare apartment but one with a newer design and […]

Зимнее здоровье

Мне так интересно, как Бог сотворил еду за наше здоровье.Все так дивно усторен! В Украине– очень сезонная еда. Лето– столько фруктов, ягод, овощей! Люди ценят их за их витоминов, укрепления органов, и также их свежий вкус. Мне труднее была придумать, что кушать зимой, именно чтобы поддержать здоровье во время сезона тяжелых болезнях? Это зима, у меня […]

in Ukraine, New Years Equals Christmas

Vitaliy says it’s because Communists wanted to get away from religious holidays, that they made New Year’s Eve into the Christmas-type celebration. I’m going to show you a few photos of a traditional (but Christian, no alcohol, etc) group New Years-type Christmas. I have slept through the last decade of New Years pretty much. Me […]