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four births in 16 days

One of the requirements of training/experience that we’re to fulfill is that of having “continuity of care” clients. These are clients where we do most of their prenatal care, attend their births, do the newborn exam, the postpartum follow-up, etc. It’s quite a bit of work to plan around.

Back in Sept-Oct, I carefully choose 3 women to approach for this, and I was offered a fourth. They were all due in February, each due in each of the weeks of February. So for months, I’ve been meeting with them and anticipating the month of February. So, with their due dates, I was on call from the last week of January through the middle of March.

That’s a long time for me to listen to the rings and dings of my phone, which I usually have on vibrate.

So for months, I’ve been anticipating this month, a long, marathon month of being on call, attending births at any time of the day/night, and doing then all the scheduled follow-up.

And now, February 22, it’s all over. All four births happened in a 16-day time period! Only the follow-up visits are left, and those are already starting to space out nicely. No one was transferred which was a minor miracle. I’ve been praying for these births for all these months, each woman by name.

I want to remember one set of a 3-day marathon–day one, labor, day 2 a birth around 1am, then working prenatals in the morning, then class in the afternoon, then another birth just before midnight. Wow. Midwife life!

It’s been a special month! <3 I’m thankful for God’s timing and help! I’ve not gotten much school work done with all the distraction, but I’ve sure gotten a lot of other special things done 🙂

Thank you, Lord.