When delayed gratification comes into bloom

Homeschooling, as a lifestyle, has been a hard thing for me. I’ve tried to give it up at times, and God’s made it very clear that this is what He wants for our family.

And I want to write about the good fruits that are coming from it now. Now that my two older girls are in eighth grade …. They are 12 and 14.

These are the things that I really like that are now coming about:

The girls are choosing their own instruments to learn to play (Vika, the piano, and Skyla–drums, guitar, voice). I read years ago in Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s book, the advice to start kids in music lessons a bit later, around 10-12 yrs old, as they will retain interest longer, and apparently this has worked with our kids. I don’t say a single thing to them about needing to practice; they do it all themselves.

They transport themselves to and from their lessons without me. Hurrah.

They do their schoolwork mostly without me, but I love that I read aloud to Skyla basically every day. She works on a craft while I read her school books to her, and we both enjoy this time.

They each earn their own money by having English students. They use this money to tithe, to have spending money, to pay for camps and conferences, to buy gifts, etc. I also pay them now for babysitting (not always but often) because they are taking more charge of their financial lives, not asking us for money, and learning about saving, spending, and giving.

I have given them more freedom from some home responsibilities now that they are busier, and I try to train Andre and Una more. This is good for us all 😉

They each organize their own schedules to accomplish all these activities, commitments, and responsibilities, and get enough sleep.

I am thankful that our life has settled into a routine of doing schoolwork each morning.

Andre’s reading is improving, and I move him faster through his maths right now, as he is wired for math.

Una sees everyone busy and longs to “do school” with mommy, too, so we’ve started some slight reading with her (she’s 5) and sometimes do some little crafty things.

I love what I’m reading with my kids! Alfred the Great just inspires me about educating my children! I love the old kings of history who were good in many ways, and I see how their Christian values were often expressed through teaching children (and adults) to become literate and educated. I may write more about him (and Charlemagne) at some point.

Also, we are reading the most fascinating books–one today was about spices and how much a part of cruelty and colonialism they once were–I use cloves and nutmeg to make Spice Cake, and I never imagined how much blood was shed over these two spices!!! And that they were once used for preserving (before refrigeration). And we’re reading Rural Hours, which feeds my romantic, nature-loving soul.

I also want to note somewhere that I make all our own bread now in our bread machine– I love homemade breads. And I often spend Saturdays baking for church fellowship time after the service on Sundays. I really enjoy this.

So, I just wanted to take some time to write out the things that are blessing me right now. It’s a full, happy season of life.

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