Notes on Charlotte Mason: I am the source

This quote in CM’s book, School Education, describes the deficit (or lack) I’m feeling in myself about educating my children.

As a stream can rise no higher than its source, so it is probable that no educational effort can rise above the whole scheme of thought which gives it birth.

If I’m the primary source and guidance of my children’s education, then our “educational effort” will meet or be lower than … me, and my understanding, vision for, and acting out upon their education.

And sadly, lo, for these 5+ years of home schooling, I’ve not had much of a vision of what on earth education is, why it’s important, what I’m trying to accomplish, etc. We have accomplished things, I will say. The girls are good readers, Vitaliy keeps reminding me.

But ….

There is so much more. And that is what I need to get clearly into focus.

Also, it kind of annoys me that I often say that we need to “do school.” Like school equals learning, and learning is some isolated activity (math lessons, book reading, etc).  “Do school” annoys me for a good reason.

A theory of education … must regard education, not as a shut-off compartment, but as being as much a part of life as birth or growth, marriage or work; and it must leave the pupil attached to the world at many points of contact.

Maybe I should say, “We need to get busy with one part of our learning….”

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