New Year 2021

I have zero desires to have any goals or resolutions. This is … weird. I’m not usually like this, but you know, I’m rolling with it. It’s a strange year generally, so I’m “going with my flow” about New Year’s stuff. Zero ambition? Sure, let’s live with that for a while. It’s not a permanent condition.

The second reason I’m accepting this state of being:

At this time in my life, home schooling and other projects of my current life are HUGE deals; they are responsibilities I’m not bowing out of but investing into, and that means, I haven’t a lot of energy for other projects right now. All other goals seem to be piling on yet even more obligations, and I have enough of those right now.

I’m in a stretch of four years of the hardest home schooling (two in high school, plus two other grades). So until graduation in 2024, this is going to be a huge deal. I’m OK with accepting this right now.

Book translation/publishing, conference for home schooling moms, supporting Vitaliy as he returns to academics–it’s enough.

So here’s what I *feel* or *sense* God is leading me to do this year: I’m going to wake up each day and ask Him to personally lead me through each day and to bring across my path any other projects, people, events, etc. that He wants to bring to me.

My usual New Year resolutions usually focus on some Habits. So this year, here are my thoughts: I have the disciplines of school, Bible reading, church attendance, plus other things, filling my life to the brim. I haven’t the capacity to add something else. So I’m just being open to God showing me any other habit(s) He wishes to empower me to do as I go through this year. I’m not going to plan it this year. This is the grace He’s giving me for this year.

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