the holocaust and abortion

This is a sensitive post. Continue at your own choice. I will not be showing any photos, just text.

I’m kind of uncomfortable writing this, because my thoughts are uncomfortable to myself.

I always thought that comparisons to abortion and the holocaust were a little … cheesy? going overboard?

Then Wednesday, we spent two hours in the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

[Anne starts to cry.]

I’m not sure how best to explain this.

You take a huge elevator to the fourth floor, and chronologically move down the floors. The fourth floor starts with how Hitler could even come to power and the intense propaganda he used to target the Jews (and a few other groups). How he dehumanized and lied about them. And how he made them out to be the enemy.

How he slowly made laws that pushed them out of society. Marking their stores/businesses for boycott, taking away their businesses, moving them to ghettos, creating killing squads… It was very elaborate. And because of the poverty, struggles, and etc. going on in Germany after WWI and the Great Depression, people …. mostly did nothing and believed a lot of what he said, esp early on.

You move down, and you come to a floor with concentration camp remains, models, etc. In a discretely-placed, enclosed box, you can lean over and watch video showing the inhumane experiments performed on them.

There are black and white photos of the mass graves, piles of bodies.

Down more. The allies were actually shocked to find these camps. NO ONE KNEW. or Very Few Knew. I guess from our perspective now, I’d just assumed we knew the atrocities going on and we were fighting this war in order to rescue these people and stop the madness. But no, we didn’t know.

The final floor, you can watch the Nuremberg Trials for war crimes. That was …. hard, watching grown men maintain composure while … describing things.

You also see statements about how most Germans did nothing.

Some bystanders sought to exploit the situation [for] personal gain, but most merely stood by, neither collaborating nor coming to the aid of the victims. Passivity amounted to acquiescence, and the planners and executors of the “Final Solution” counted on bystanders not intervening in the process of genocide.

You saw small displays of small, hero groups who all mostly died doing things trying to thwart the evil. I was touched by this poem by Hannah Senesh (1921-1944– 23 years!) from Yugoslavia.

Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.

Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart.

Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor’s sake.

Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.

So, uncomfortable pause:

I wasn’t expecting to see all the parallels, but after so many years of legalized abortion, they are screaming at me.

The propaganda of freedom and empowerment and salvation. Making an enemy of and destroying a people who are innocent. The pictures of dead body piles– only ours are in color. The experiments. The nastiness of selling and abusing these moms and babies under lying pretenses. How we are mostly oblivious and shrug ourselves to pass by. It’s legal. It’s regulated, right? It’s not me actually doing it. Sheesh, I’m not the one closing the doors of the gas chamber. Not even close.

The war trials … Listening to Abby Johnson…

Survivor stories…..

Anyway. My discomfort is also the fact that I’m …. well, maybe I’m not just a bystander, but I’m not in a small, hero group either. I mean, we hero-ize them now. But back then, they were not heroes. They were the crazies, a little too extreme for our comfort, and why make all that fuss?

I’m not even advocating for small hero groups. But I do advocate for a return to love and humanity from this monster. I don’t know how to advocate for this. But I will make myself uncomfortable and write this blog post.

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