mid-life: some things never change

I thought that seeking for “the will of God” was basically over, once I decided where to go to college, what to major it, going to the mission field, marrying…..


I also thought I would reach some point of maturity that I would feel … maybe irrevocably in love with God and obedient to him. Like, I would become so mature, I would not even need to choose those things anymore.

Yikes again.

Midlife is realizing that it wasn’t all just for the late-teen, early 20s. It’s all life long. Determining what to do, what God wants me to do… renewing my affectionate love for God over and over, choosing obedience over and over.

Mid-life: realizing that some “youth” stuff is not youth but the nature of a long-term relationship with God.

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