settling into identity

So, home schooling mom.

It’s been a weird, conflicting journey. But I finally feel like I’m becoming comfortable settling into this role. And hallelujah, because It’s pretty much my main role at this point.

This summer, I actually signed all the papers to send the girls to Christian school here in Kyiv, but God made some steps that I didn’t do this. It was the second time He had specifically blocked an attempt to send my kids to an school-school.

So, I took it as God’s hand.

And I read a neat book, Morning by Morning, which really spoke towards some issues that I didn’t realize were issues.

1. I learned that I don’t need to expect my kids to enjoy this process, but we need to do it all the same. Not that I’m making it miserable, but expecting it to be wafting through meadows in romantic ecstasy is totally unrealistic.

2. Second, I realized that there ARE topics I am passionate about– I love history, literature, and writing, and with a little work, I can become pretty good at being an enthusiastic and capable teacher. Plugging in teachers to teach areas that I am not capable to teach is a great idea. Grammar, math, Russian/Ukrainian comes to mind.

3. I love fine arts, and all my children are age four or over. Let me explain. So, they all sleep through the night, and they all happily sleep in their own beds now. So that means I sleep more, hence I’m having more energy than I used to. Also, I finally started digging around online to see what’s available by way of concerts, opera, ballet, museums, and wow, is it a lot. And now I have energy to start doing these outings.

Here we are at an art appreciation lecture, about ancient art, mostly Sumerian– it’s the historical time period we’re studying.

I took the girls to a concert at a cathedral.

And we participated in the Rosh Hashanah presentation at our church–we’re studying ancient Israel, too. (And we put together a model of the tabernacle.)

For Rosh Hashanah, I made this honey apple cake.

And we made 4-strand circular challah, also traditional for Rosh Hashanah.


So, it’s been neat! And I’m starting to get more into this.

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