fear and fun in fundraising

When I anticipate calling or writing people (about meeting with us and listening to our stories), I have this nervous fear that I will offend someone and wreck our relationship.

Thanks to my KingdomComeTraining.com coach, I worked through this unfounded but usual fear pretty fast.

Most of these people, I didn’t have much of a “relationship” with to start with, so I’m extending a hand and offering deeper friendship.

And it’s a no-pressure, structured appointment to be asked questions of, and to listen to some stories.

In reality, I have experienced the exact opposite of that fear over and over.

People are so nice, so open! I’ve not had a single person be offended that I contacted him/her. In fact, we have experienced a tidal wave of blessings by listening to people when we meet with them. So many share their hearts with us, their struggles and desires. We have cried and laughed. I’ve seen people that I’ve not seen for almost 25 years! It’s just been wonderful. We leave our ministry visits so blessed by having taken time to get together and share.

This has been really cool 🙂 Take heart. God made us for relationships. And fundraising has been a really neat way to initiate, build, and maintain relationships with some pretty amazing people!


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