hospitality: a dream comes true…in morphed form

This village house we have … I used to lay awake an imagine making it into a paradise of luxury so that people couple rent it and come stay and enjoy village life for a while.

I used to think about this a lot. …. Luxury. We’re talking, jacuzzi bathtub, a veil hanging from the ceiling over the bed….. Luxury stuff.

Let’s calmly put those thoughts away in a box…. and burn them….

Well no! They are the seeds! Let’s plant them and let them die and then come to life!

The having guests part of the dream is coming true…. The first 2 weekends of May, we have 2 church groups coming to stay for a few days each, to host their activities. The singles’ group (Harmony) is the first weekend, and the church training (whoever signs up) is the second weekend.

Vitaliy and I went ourselves to work and clean. I about died … for about 5 seconds, then I started CLEANING. Sorting, storing, wiping, washing, rearranging …

Here’s the room from our house that we fitted up for moms with babies/kids:

20160426_112138_PanoAnd the bathroom. Hero Vitaliy put on gloves, moved out the washing machine and cleaned all around the toilet. Good man.

I did a little “staging” by making beds for the photos, putting in this little children’s toilet (potty training going on).

20160426_133019 20160426_132921

Then the rehab center, we cleaned out the two sleeping rooms– oh the spider webs and dirt under the beds. Oh the piles of used clothing. Oh, the bedding and towels to wash. Moved some furniture so it looks more orderly, and with some staging, it looks more inviting.

20160426_164026 20160426_164038All around, what a neat way to practice hospitality! I’m also thinking to help by running the kitchen during the training and by being the maid, seeing as I know where all the trash bags and cleaning stuff is.


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