Easter egg collection, spring, witness

So, Skyla is finally at the age when she is wanting to buy nice clothes. I’ve not forced dressing up upon my kids– and the girls are growing into it themselves. They are singing four specials for the church’s Easter service (May 1 here), so Skyla wants to dress up.

There’s a lovely store in the mall that has lots of unique kids things. Like etsy IRL. We found some nice dresses there for the girls and we bought them today. And I saw these lovely handmade felt Easter eggs! So I decided to start my collection. It’s not what I imagined, but it’s lovely! And the middle one that looks like a felt cupcake is the traditional Easter sweet bread they make here.



Here’s the dresses, we bought matching ones.


Here’s some lovely spring – warm-weather moments:


Here’s the small Orthodox church in our neighborhood, and their spring garden:


For the last year or so I’ve been praying for opportunities to witness. Today was one answer to that prayer. We go to the mall a lot, and there’s a lady we’ve gotten to know– she has these three big stuffed animals on wheels for kids to ride, and my kids ride it sometimes. She’s gotten to know us pretty well. Today she stopped to talk to me while Skyla took Una riding for 10 minutes. She hops around on subjects and is pretty chatty. So she was complimenting our family, and asked how we got to be this way. So I told her we were evangelical believers who believe not only that God exists, but that Jesus lived righteously for us and died for us, and when we believe in him for salvation, we also try to live like he lived, with his values.

We invited her to church for Easter, too, and she may come.

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