My clinical experience

I’ve been in school for 5 weeks–today is Saturday; it’s the completion of the 5th week. Week one was Orientation Week.

I’ve worked 5 shifts in the birth room (one shift I worked in August, because I arrived early). I’ve observed 5 births here. While working birth room shifts, I also observe immediate postpartum care, the newborn exams, 24-hour postpartum observation, newborn screening and discharge. I also observe return mother-baby checks (each client is under the clinic care through 6 weeks postpartum).

I’ve worked 4 days in the regular prenatal care room, taking vitals and observing a midwife doing prenatal visits. One of those days was a day of initial prenatals (the mother’s first visit to the clinic during her current pregnancy).

I’ve stared learning to measure fundal height, palpation of the fetus and finding and timing heart tones using a doppler.

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