moments of panic

Every once in a while, I have moments of panic about “what am I doing with my kids?!?!!!!” And I feel like everything is a failure. This morning in the fuzzy wake-up period, I was having this panic, something like this:

They’ll go to college and XX will just flunk out. She’ll be miserable…. They have no idea what a bibliography is! How could this be? They have no idea how to write a bibliography entry, and will I ever teach them? I have to teach them right now, this year…. They’ll just flunk out of university… Well, XXX might be OK but XX will not do well…. What on earth am I doing??

As I woke up and got more into my rational mind, here’s what I thought: So if I put XX (not book-study-inclined child) in school to “make her ready” for four years of university, she’ll be just as miserable there as she will be in university. It won’t necessarily make her more ready. It might be a worse preparation experience.

Being “outside the system” has its moments of panic. But … does being in the system also have its moments of panic? Probably so. So it’s probably not the question of asking a system to solve my problems.

And am I really educating them just so they can be successful in university? That only lasts 4 years, average, then all your life is ahead of you….

Homeschooling is something like unassisted birth, in that it’s keeping your power to yourself when you could give that power over to another entity as most do. The difference for me personally is that birth thrilled me, but home schooling doesn’t, and I actually have tried to hand it over. But so far God keeps putting back into my hands. I think He wants to use it to change me, to say nothing of whatever He’s doing with my kids and homeschooling.

So fuzzy moment of panic passed…. off to think about bibliographies … ha ha.

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