on the other side of struggling with the value of my life

One thing I recently realized is that, with my focus on what life dreams I’m not fulfilling, I’m missing the wonder of the life dreams that are fulfilled, and that are being fulfilled.

Really, it’s quite amazing. I’m a missionary in Ukraine.

This was a huge, life-guiding dream.

And it’s now my real life.

And I love it.

It’s actually a dream come true in ways I could never have even imagined. I never dreamed I’d marry a Ukrainian–that was just out of my comort zone. But the fact that I have has extremely altered my experience as a missionary in Ukraine.

I had a dream to have 12 children…… Um, wow. Why am I not upset that this one hasn’t come true?

*Big grin.*

Maybe four is my twelve? 4 = 12 … ???

Maybe we’re NOT DONE? 4 + ? = 12 … ???

I could go on about the things I love, and I do to myself–I’ll spare you– but anyway, I have an amazing life (by my own standards), and I love living it.


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