trichomonas vaginalis

These are just midwifery study notes, not medical advice 🙂 I am exploring ways to conveniently store information as I study.

“Trich” is a sexually transmitted disease, usually symptomless. It is a parasite. It is curable.

symptoms of infection in women: discharge (thin or foamy; white, greenish, yellowish); pain/discomfort during s’x or peeing; irritation/itching around vag’na.

for diagnosis, a sample of discharge is taken from the cervix/vag’na and looked at microscopically. It can also be noted in urine sample if it is very developed.

treatment is antibiotic pills (metronidazole)–safe in pregnancy, but under question during breastfeeding as it passes through the breastmilk.

concerns of trich infection during pregnancy: low birth weight, prelabor rupture of membranes, preterm delivery.


Cleveland Clinic about trich

WebMD about treatment

Centers for Disease Control

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