Update on my studies

I’ve been in school for almost 7 months now.

For academic studies, I’m enrolled in the National College of Midwifery’s program, and I completed several Antepartum classes (Basic Skills, Provision of Care, Risk Screening, Diagnostic Lab Tests and Procedures, Observation & Charting).

I’ve completed several other classes (Family Planning), just waiting for grading.

I’m currently working through History of Midwifery and we’re finishing up Lactation and Perinatal Education.

For my clinical studies, I’ve assisted the midwife at about 80 prenatals, 17 births, 4 newborn exams, almost 20 postpartum exams. I’ve learned venipuncture and soon we start our IV class. Checking vital signs, palpation to determine fetal position, listening to FHTs, evaluating labs, charting–these are all things I regularly practice.

My three philosophical thoughts from this time: 1) I hope the world tires soon of all. the. research. and realizes the limits of what is actually measurable. Reducing these experiences to numbers is a major weakness of the allopathic system.

2) How on earth did the legal system become such a chokehold to good care?!?!

3) I continually remind myself that clinic midwifery has it’s pros and cons. Pros: amount of experience, multiple teachers and input, ability to leave it until the next shift. Cons: lack of the emotional synergy, freedom, and physiology of home birth.

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