Midwifery-missions required reading

I received a list of required reading books while we were in Romania, probably in May. So I slowly started reading through it. So far, I’ve read 7 of the 25 books, and reading through my 8th book currently.

I like these books. They are interesting, and they play off of one another–one book gives principles, another has an illustration of that in another context; they mention each other and how they were influenced by ideas. I find them personally and professionally interesting.

After each book, I write a review to submit.

2 thoughts on “Midwifery-missions required reading

    • THank you so much for writing, Cathi!!! I have all the books I need currently–the school here has a big library for all of us with multiple copies of books we’re required to read. But I hope to meet you one day!!! Chattanooga is my hometown!!!

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