Homeschooling 2020, 9th grade

I want to write down what we’re doing this year because experience tells me I will just forget it all 😉

I”m going to write about doing 9th grade with the girls.

I suddenly decided to do block classes. Which means, we’re doing less classes for double the time. Instead of doing chemistry for an hour a day all year, we’re doing it for 2 hours a day for a semester.

And geometry. 2 lessons/day, and they’ll be done in October/November.

And I scheduled Health class (online) to be daily from Sept to December.

So, three block classes.

Bible, I’m keeping that going all year– it’s a program that needs to be spaced out for assimilation. We do this three days/week.

Art– we do 2-3 hours a week. This week was 2.5 hours of pottery! Yippee 🙂

So here’s hoping we survive and thrive through 9th grade 😉 <3

I also want to mention the Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen class we’re taking. It has great books to read, lots of youtube videos to watch, and easy/neat experiments to do in the kitchen. I’m very pleased with it.

This is a neat book that I would not have the discipline/desire to read if it weren’t for this class. It’s just fascinating, how things like Vitamin C deficiency impacted the exploration of the world. Immensely. And how gold influenced history! And salt! and sugar! Really, it is simply fascinating.

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