midlife: teenagers

Not everyone has teens in midlife, but most of us do.

I’ve been avoiding studying this, like, sheesh, I loved studying pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, that’s my thing….. But then I had to study non-punitive parenting, ages and stages, yada yada. And that was a huge transformation.

So now, for about a year, it’s been niggling me that things are changing again, and we have a teenager, and soon we’ll have more, and I need to get myself in a better place with understanding what’s going on and how I can parent well through this stage. Because it’s becoming …. hard.

So yesterday, at a used book store, I started this course of study with two books.

I also want to read Paul Tripp’s Age of Opportunity.

So I’ve started Parenting Teens with Love and Logic, and I’m learning things already. Imagine that.

5 thoughts on “midlife: teenagers

  1. I am reading with you. I wanted to get those books when we first reached the teen stage, but couldn’t find them then. Just now I got the Love and Logic one in a digital library version, so I am starting with that one. I will say that I am really enjoying our teens!

  2. Totally off topic, but I really LOVE that your blog has dark black type that isn’t tiny and has serifs. SO much easier for my midlife eyes to read! Haha!

  3. I don’t know how I could get a US library card myself, but I have used my MIL’s for years. 🙂 Overdrive is wonderful, and Hoopla is pretty good, too.

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