losing weight again, post 2

So I posted about this in Sept. and now it’s November. Just like that.

I’ve switched myself to healthy eating (no white sugar, no processed foods) for the most part, and am intermittent fasting. I love coffee, so I made that part of my routine. Coffee with coconut sugar, coconut oil, collagen, butter sometimes, and a few other healthy things. I love having that 🙂

I’ve lost 20 lbs compared to what I was when we left the States end of June. Some I just dropped from coming back to Ukraine. Some from starting regular Curves exercising, some now from eating less/better.

So, I just wanted to record this. I’m around 163 lbs right now.

I also wanted to record my thanks to God for the medical tests I had done recently– blood sugar normal, BP normal, general blood test results normal, EKG normal. Thank you, Lord.

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