Closing a chapter of life: breastfeeding

Twelve years, ya’ll. The same time as going from First through Twelfth grades. With the exception of a few months, I’ve been breastfeeding for twelve years straight.

In deciding the emotional tone I’ll take at the ending of this chapter of my life, I’ve decided to be thankful and to rejoice.

I’ve actually really enjoyed it. Well, I don’t love everything about breastfeeding– it’s kind of boring for my body (to sit or lay when I don’t want to) and I struggle with the bodily contortions required, the persistent asking of various kids, etc.

BUT, Big Picture, I’m thankful I’ve breastfed so much. The blessings way outweigh the minuses. It’s an easy and relatively delightful way to connect with my kids, serve them emotionally, comfort them, etc. I love how God designed breastfeeding. As with all God’s designs, it’s AY.MAY.ZING.

None of my words can convey my heart about 12 years of breastfeeding and all it’s meant to our family, but I wanted to put something down. For the record.

I may come back to this when I have something profound to say, but for now, I’m just walking through the transition.

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