A well-matched marriage

Vitaliy and I went on a walk through the beautiful snowy woods today, and I was thinking about how well-suited we are for each other.

Maybe it’s because we choose to focus on the ways we match? Because, sure, there are ways we are different. But we both love analytical talking, theology– and we stretch each other in our thoughts, it’s not just repeating each other or arguing against ideas. It’s a growth in agreement and understanding of deep questions.

We both love mininstry. We both love living in Ukraine. We have grown to love our kids in very similar ways. We have gone through a major spiritual transformation side-by-side.

It’s a really sweet thing that amazes me sometimes.

Here are some probably sideways photos of birds we saw on our winter walk:

20161217_114704 20161217_113855

Thank you, dear Lord.

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