staying involved in the birth world

One thing my love of midwifery has done is open up the world of breastfeeding, pregnancy, childrearing …. so many issues that touch with birth itself.

I was chatting with my midwifery mentor the other day, asking some advice from her about my current direction and involvements. And she encouraged me to just be involved with childbearing women/families however I can. There are SO MANY ways to stay involved.

We have three new moms at church, and each had been asking breastfeeding questions. So, after the conversation with my mentor, I looked up the breastfeeding hotline here in Ukraine, located in Kiev, and looked over their website. They offer a small class about a baby’s first month of life.

I contacted them, and we arranged a little seminar at my apartment. And we had that seminar, and the three new moms came. It. Was. Awesome!

The lady who came was so well-educated, explained so much so clearly, and she helped all the moms with breastfeeding. It really was amazing.

Afterwards, we shared all our notes with the other moms from church by writing them out in our social media group. Sharing knowledge. I’m so happy the moms feel more educated and confident. And they are able to save money by breastfeeding better– the consultant was able to help them get through some struggles. (And in a really struggling economy, being able to go off of supplementation and using other things that are costing moolah, is a good thing!)

Well, it was very fulfilling for me, that even though I’m not actively involved in birth, I can still be involved with moms! It was really neat-o.

Next, Lord willing, I’ll be arranging a similar seminar for pregnant women, about preparing for and starting breastfeeding. Maybe they can skip some of these struggles. For example, two of these new moms were sent home from the birth houses with their babies not even latching normally! I was aghast. And their babies were given formula as a matter of course ….

Anyway, onward ho!!


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