creationism and raising children

I know Creation/Evolution is something that some folks are very emotional about. I’m not terribly emotional about this topic, personally. So, I’m saying that to say: I want to talk about creation in the light of childbirth and childrearing, but as I’ve said before, I hate conflict. I’m not writing this to stir up arguments, […]

fundraising: an armor of God prayer

In our ladies’ Sunday school class, we’re studying Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God. I want to back up a minute and give a bit of context. For many years of my life, God emphasized talking to me through Scripture. By “talking” I just mean generally teaching/leading me. In 2017 He emphasized teaching/leading me in […]

bolshoi sposob ocvyasheniya uvazheniye propovedye vashixh pastorov

Большой способ освяшения: уважение проповедей ваших собственних пасторов В начале, я хочу объяснить контекст этого поста: я не говорю о том, что пастори не должны учится. я не говорю о том, что надо остаться в цервки где учят неверную доктрину о Боге. я говорю о ситуации, когда вы выбрали быть членами какой-то хорошей церкви. Есть […]

when we ‘naturally’ criticize someone

In my last post, I mentioned a life situation in which I ‘naturally’ habitually criticize someone (or two…). And I feel so right and justified in my opinions, that I don’t even realize I’m having a critical spirit. For me, it’s usually leadership figures that irk me somehow. (** Pause to say that I’m not […]