midlife: not solving the tension, but living with it

So, after all this writing, reading, thinking, here’s what I’m realizing. It’s a tension I can’t solve by making one choice or another. This has been frustrating me for a long time because I’ve been assuming that I could make some series of life choices that would be perfect. Like, I could find some trail […]

my home schooling phases: Idealistic, frustrated, reluctant, thankful

Honest confession: I didn’t want to be around my kids all day long when they were little. I say this because I heard veteran home school moms talk about one main reason they home schooled being that they just enjoyed being around their kids so much, and it would be too sad to send them […]

mid-life: escaping resentment loading

I just made up that term, resentment loading. Let me capitalize it to make it official-sounding: Resentment Loading. It’s one of the traps of mid-life. Like cynicism is a trap. By resentment loading I mean … just that. Loading up my wagon with resentments. Towards people, groups, God. Whatever. We’re more teenagery than maybe we […]