birth is safe: perspective

“Birth is safe” is a controversial statement.

But, generally speaking, especially in basically-well-fed countries, birth is safe. There are a small number of births that need intervention to be safe.

In some ways, how we are able to release birth into the normal process that it usually is, is based on our context. Look at this clip, at minute 2:00.

“Aw, don’t worry, child. There’s nothing to bringing a baby,” says the doctor in a huge field surrounded by dying men.

I got to thinking about this with Covid-19, and women thinking about switching to home birth. What happened? The “risks” of birth at home sink down in the face of the “risk” of contracting Covid-19? Apparently.

I am also doing some midwifery assignments where I write a little instruction sheet for parents in case the midwife doesn’t arrive in time. So I’ve read two little “Emergency Childbirth” booklets.

Oh my. Maybe they should be our textbooks for normal birth.

  • “Don’t hurry.”
  • “Don’t push on the uterus.”
  • “Don’t pull the head out.”
  • “Make the mom comfortable.”
  • “Remain calm.”
  • “Don’t cut the cord.”

I just wanted to point this out. I’m not saying we want to live in “emergency childbirth” mode, but there are some elements of it that we need to remember and return ourselves to.

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