mid-life, from changing myself to accepting myself

I’ve noticed this shift in my thinking and life considerations lately.

That I don’t think so much in terms of who I’m becoming or who I want to be. Projecting myself into the future. Now I think more in terms of who I am.

I’m not saying that I’m closed to changing or learning, that happens still. But more that I have to think more now in terms of who I am.

I’ve kind of stopped striving in some areas. Like striving to be a super house cleaner. Or striving to cook constantly. Or striving to love those things.

It’s more OK with me now to accept my level. It’s a pretty good level, I guess, and works for our varied lives.

Perhaps it’s even more peaceful, to stop striving for some kind of perfection in every area of responsibility. And rather accept that I don’t need perfection, I rather need to determine what is important and focus on that.

This is another shift I’ve noticed about mid-life.

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