mid-life, a loss of milestones

Earlier in life, milestones were everywhere. Each grade. Elementary school. Junior high. High school. Camps. Summers. School years. College. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. Graduation. Graduate school.

First job. Engagement. Marriage. Children.

And life now is kind of a blur of my children’s milestones.

Forty was a milestone.

Stopping breastfeeding (after 12 straight years) was a milestone.

But somehow, those are not really the bright milestones of progress and change that used to occur with regularity.

In fact, “milestones” are now … I need reading classes….my shoulders have chronic pain….I need to lose weight again….health issues I don’t want to talk about …

Are they anti-milestones? Ha ha.

It’s mid-Life.

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