Notes about Peace

I gave a talk about peace a while back, and I want to record my notes here so I can throw the paper away.

Peace: a by-product of trust; a state of mind that reveals our hearts. Worry and fears are signals about how we’re relating to God.

Peace is powerful– people face cancer, martyrdom, death with peace-filled hearts! There is no law against it, and Satan and Christ’s enemies must hate this.

Peace is part of a package– it comes with love, joy, patience, etc.

Peace facilitates relationships. A peacemaker is not just someone who reconciles, but a peace-maker … is kind of like a snow-maker– it’s someone who actually generates peace. They create/generate calmness and stability. We often dont’ see the end or resolution of an issue or conflict or trial, but peace can be ministered through a peace-maker to those going through these hard times.

Are you a minister of panic, fear, hate, shame? or a minister of peace? Am I addressing this conflict, trial, life circumstance in a way that creates and spreads righteous peace?

Is my life being a magnifying glass of the qualities of God?

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