Victoria’s birthday

In Russian/Ukrainian, Victoria shortens as Vika (VEE-kah). And our sweet Vika recently turned 10! That’s a age with a lot of birthday expectations, so I tried to live up to it 🙂

We woke up, and none of us could bear waiting longer, so she opened her three presents. Then I took her and Skyla to the mall for breakfast.

Then we bought another gift for her in a store upstairs that we all love, that gives a discount on birthdays.

Back home, we packed everyone up and went to big Art Mall. There we visited a peting zoo– that was loads of fun.

Then we had lunch at the food court.

Then Skyla and Vika went to a place called Kids Will, where they have all different professions for kids to try out, and they can earn and spend money. They spent about 3-4 hours in there while Vitaliy and I sat nearby with the little kids playing on an indoor playground (and eventually falling asleep). When they woke up, we headed home.

Then Vitaliy took her for yet another gift– Legos. And then we had candles, cake and ice cream and watched a movie together.

Everyone had loads of fun! It was a neat day in the midst of some stressful days.

Thank you, Lord, for refreshing us through celebrations and through our children.

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